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Working as a casting director in Europe for last ten years and meeting many actors made me fully realized how important good headshot is. Obviously, good headshot isn’t everything, but for a casting director, it is the very first interaction with an actor. You may be the most talented actor in the world, but if your headshot doesn´t work and you don’t get noticed, you simply may not get the chance to prove it. Fortunately enough, many actors have realized, that the investment in good headshots is essential and money they invest in their photos, will most likely return with the first job they get.

Last four years I have been working as a photographer in both Europe and Los Angeles and currently live and work in Windsor, UK.


What's included in your headshot packages?

I offer different packages depending on your needs and budget. The number of looks and shots depends on the package you choose. Each includes 70 – 80 shots per each look and basic retouching of chosen shots. Most of my packages include professional hair and make up and styling. Basic retouching includes removal of blemishes and stray hairs, lightening under eyes, lightening of wrinkle lines, and whitening of teeth and eyes. I work with both natural light and studio lighting and use professional lenses .

Do I get all pictures from the shoot?

No. Although I know that some photographers give you all pictures from the session right after the shoot, I prefer quality to quantity. My work is not finished when the shoot is over and you go home, I love being involved in the whole creative process, take time to make selection of your best shots and adjust them for your satisfaction. There is usually about 25 - 35 best headshots from each session that you'll get to view and out of these, you will get to choose the ones you want to order. If you decide to order more pictures than you get per chosen package, you can do so in addition. Packages start at £349 and go from there.